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Frontrunners & Frontwalkers Phoenix

Special Election 2024

Below you will find the Frontrunners & Frontwalkers Phoenix ballot for our 2024 Special Elections.

As you may know, Board members are elected every two years, however during the last year, we had a few positions appointed due to vacancies. All of the Board member positions need to be filled. This Special Election is to fill the Board Member positions until the next General Election in 2025.

Please fill out the ballot below and sign. 

One vote per member. If you are having problems or issues with this form please contact a current Board Member or send an email to . Paper ballots available upon request.

Voting closes on February 21, 2024

Special Board Elections
February 2024

Who is yor choice for President?
Who is yor choice for Vice President?
Who is yor choice for Treasurer?
Who is yor choice for Secretary?

Thanks for your vote!

Results will be announced at the

General Membership meeting on February 24, 2024

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